Terms and Conditions
  1. Gregory Marandola, LLC Terms and Conditions
  2. These Terms and Conditions will act as a mutual agreement between you (the client), and Gregory
  3. Marandola, LLC, a licensed, certified, registered and insured limited liability company in Pennsylvania
  4. and New Jersey (the consultant).
  5. In addition, I, Gregory Marandola, LLC, have the proper skill-set, expertise and experience needed to
  6. complete your project(s) in accordance to your specification(s).
  7. Therefore, in consideration of this mutual agreement set forth, you intend to be legally bound, to the
  8. following terms and conditions:
  9. 1. Consultancy: During the design period, I, Gregory Marandola shall undertake to provide my expert
  10. and professional advice, skills and knowledge in the areas of web design, graphic design, illustration and
  11. animation, to you, the client.
  12. (A) Web Design: Create, design, develop and maintain your website according to your
  13. specification(s) in a timely and orderly fashion.
  14. (B) Graphic Design: Create, design, develop and maintain your advertising and marketing
  15. materials according to your specification(s) in a timely and orderly fashion.
  16. 2. Compensation: Work on your project(s) DOES NOT begin until your down payment of 50% is
  17. received. Upon receiving your down payment, I will begin working on your project(s). Once you assess,
  18. evaluate and approve your project(s), you will be billed the remainder of your cost, thereafter, when your
  19. remaining payment is received, your project(s) will be complete.
  20. (A) Websites: Your website WILL NOT go live until your remaining payment is received. If you
  21. additionally choose either a web hosting package or web support package, you will be billed monthly.
  22. There will be a $50.00 interest fee added to your invoice for every postponed and/or past due
  23. payment. If you continually postpone and/or fail to make payments, there will be legal ramifications.
  24. (B) Graphic Design: You WILL NOT receive the finished product or files associated with said
  25. product until your remaining payment is received.
  26. Please note: All payments are non-refundable. Please see section 43 for more details.
  27. 3. Changes: Any changes made by you—whether verbal or written—that negate any part of the work
  28. already in progress, may be subject to additional charges. Any changes made by you AFTER the
  29. completion of your project(s), WILL result in additional charges.
  30. 4. Cancellation: Both parties agree this contract may be canceled at any time, if for any reason,
  31. the relationship is deemed unsatisfactory by either party. Upon written or verbal cancellation, you are
  32. responsible for paying all and any expenses based on the amount of work completed. In additioin, I
  33. Gregory Marandola, shall keep your down payment and any money paid up to the cancellation date as
  34. compensation for my time, work and effort.
  35. 5. Additional Resources: If you require the use of imagery or vector graphics for your project(s), and
  36. cannot or do not have the imagery or graphics to supply, I will purchase stock photography from iStock,
  37. or custom design graphics for you. You will be billed separately, for these resource are not part of any
  38. package, unless otherwise negotiated in a custom package deal.
  39. 6. Copyright: Gregory Marandola, LLC shall own the copyright to all and any designs created, and
  40. shall have the exclusive rights to display your work on his personal website, marketing materials, portfolio
  41. entries, sample products or any other promotional advertisement that I see fit. This also includes posting
  42. to social media outlets.
  43. 7. Legal: As stated in section 32, if you continually postpone and/or fail to make payments, there will
  44. be legal ramifications. If you agree to these terms and conditions, but refuse to comply to these terms and
  45. conditions, I have the right to take legal action. If you verbally or physically harm or harass me, whether in
  46. person, by phone, by email or on social media, I have the right to take legal action.
  47. 8. Agreement: These Terms and Conditions incorporate the understanding of both parties. Any
  48. modifications to this Agreement must be in writing and approved by both parties. Any waiver, breach or
  49. default hereafter, shall be deemed a cancellation (see section 43). This Agreement shall be governed by
  50. the States of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.